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Our centralized server-to-client model is a highly scalable design made specifically for logging assets and issuing tokens to clients. Heightened transparency and security features offer vital levels of protection and trust.


Hard assets now have liquidity thanks to Regius Mark. Documents providing proof of ownership of physical gold can be stored on the blockchain. Tokens will then be minted based on the asset data logged in the system.


Enhanced processing capacity offers an edge in performance with large scale transactions. Traders can enjoy 3-second transaction times with significantly lower fees compared to banks or traditional cryptocurrencies.

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Developing a Global Cryptocurrency

We’re offering the first token with intrinsic value to be optimized and scaled for worldwide utilitarian trading.
Top of the Class
What We Offer

We’re dedicated to providing a cryptocurrency of uncompromising fortitude built upon an impregnable formula.

Reduced Fees
Sending money shouldn’t cripple your wallet. That’s why we’ve lowered transaction fees compared to banks and other major cryptocurrencies.
Increased Efficiency
Long-term growth and sustainability is a high priority for us. Our system is designed to phase out exorbitant and costly energy bills.
Augmented Security
Your money deserves a fortress to protect it. We’ve taken additional measures to give you a peace of mind when trading.
Multi-Signature Wallets
An intuitive user interface offers a platform adaptive to multiple scenarios. Merchants can reliably adopt our platform on a global scale.
Enhanced Transparency
Building trust is essential. Our blockchain provides data in open source format so anyone can verify assets in the system.
Smart Contract Support
Scripting language added to the system allows for traders to feel safe when moving large sums of tokens from seller to buyer.

Trust Is Our Objective

We believe that delivering a secure and reliable platform for our clients is crucial.
Regius Mark offers adaptable wealth management tools through world-class
business practices and we are confident in the opportunities we present.

Project Timeline

Q3 2018

Commence development

Q4 2019

Alpha test network

Q3 2020

Legal evaluation

Q2 2021

Beta test network

Q4 2021

Token Offering

Q3 2022

Final product launch

Q1 2023

Additional exchange listings

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We’re miners and property owners just like you. We understand that getting the most for your value can be difficult. That’s why we’re offering the chance for you to bring your assets onto the blockchain and earn rewards for your contribution.
Our Team
Regius Mark & Associates

Professionals from multiple walks of life bring a strong yet balanced team to the table. We have several decades of combined experience in mining, finance, technology, and leadership.

Richard Ruff

Executive Director

Samuel Grenier

Head of Technology

Joseph Monte

Marketing and Communications

Jeff Louis

Environmental Consultant

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