Enhanced Transparency

The core aspect of our system’s transparency stems from the fact that holdings and transactions on the blockchain are open to viewing. When assets are stored on the blockchain, they can be verified in the public realm by matching our data with secondary and tertiary sources containing the exact same data shown under our management. This concept will bring additional degrees of trust and openness to the financial system. The level of transparency we’re dealing with has not existed within financial systems before, especially in regards to large businesses. This adds a degree of accountability that we have not yet witnessed. In the past, large financial institutions were able to use their customers funds as they saw fit, without anyone’s knowledge, and not always in the most effective or honest matter. The financial crisis of 2008 being the epitome of this very issue.
But here’s another problem that this resolves: Fraud Protection. When you’re given a wallet address, you own it. No one can tamper with it. There won’t be any stealing of credit card numbers and paying for several items, or breaking into bank accounts and going on a shopping spree (unless of course you give out your login information to your accounts to unsavory people, but we can’t protect you from making those decisions). The wallet address serves you and you alone, so there is still enough account privacy to make it very difficult for fraudulent attacks to occur, yet, all transactions are immutable so they can be easily verified. Furthermore, each transaction has to pass another layer of verification which is obtained through a digital signature. The signing algorithm we use is going to help ensure that each transaction is authentic. Bottom line, it will be very difficult, almost impossible, to fake the assets we own and make unauthentic transactions.
Blockchains as a whole serve a great purpose for logging information in a transparent and verifiable nature, but what about the company practices? After all, our model is built around assets stored in a central location, so someone has to be in control of those assets. This is where Regius Mark will take additional steps to ensure that we earn your trust. Periodic reports, regular independent audits, and certain financial statements pertaining to the acquisition of assets, all will become useful tools for our clients so they are able to make informed decisions and not be left in the dark.