Do you own a piece of property with gold in the ground? Can the value be appraised, or has it already been appraised? Or, do you have any certificate showing proof of gold assets? If liquidity or utility is what you seek, then you are at the right place.
Many property owners are just like you. They want to get some sort of tradable value out of their assets, but have a difficult time doing it. We understand your dilemma because we come from the same background that you do. We know that most people don’t have millions of dollars just lying around to start a mining operation of their own. That leaves you with limited options to recover any sort of profit. But we have an easier solution, and that’s doing business with us.
Blockchains are digital ledger systems which allow for transparent and immutable transactions to occur. For us, storing assets and issuing tokens representative of that wealth is our objective. We’re inviting you to become part of our network and to bring your assets onto the Regius Mark blockchain.
For qualifying projects, we’ll take on the work and open up the value of your assets. Assets will be reimbursed in a fair portion of MARK tokens along with mineral royalties for life. This will allow you to take that asset and turn it into something of tradable value. Saving for retirement, leaving a legacy, it’s now made possible with us.
In addition, let’s say you have physical gold already. All you have to do is provide the proof of asset and we’ll mint the tokens for you. It’s that simple. Now you can have liquidity and will be able to trade it anywhere MARK tokens are accepted.
To see if your asset qualities, contact us at [email protected].