Going Global

When we look across the board in the cryoptocurrency marketplace, we’re able to learn an immense amount about what makes a token great for global trade, and what limits its performance. At Regius Mark, we’ve taken all factors into consideration. We’ve seen how the markets respond, and how certain projects are able to establish value while others flop. We’ve seen the success stories and witnessed the hard lessons. With over a decade since Bitcoin’s inception, we believe that the time is right to forge ahead with a balanced and refined approach to cryptocurrency. Regius Mark now introduces a formula which will prepare the way for mass adoption and acceptance in the open marketplace.


Cryptocurrency is still too difficult for the average consumer to understand and use. Granted, we’ve come a long way in refining the ergonomics for the end user, but it is still not perfect yet. This prevents adoption of the technology and merchants may find it a waste of time to integrate. Regius Mark sees this as an opportunity to streamline results, cut out the fluff, and introduce a model which trades like traditional money in digital forms. We use a traditional server to client model which logs assets and issues tokens. Simple as that. 3-second transaction times and reduced fees allow for our clients to enjoy optimized performance. In the end, it’s going to work like money. You buy it, sell it, trade it, and you won’t need a master’s degree in computer science to understand it.


Over the years, we have seen unnecessary drama unfold around the many forks of various blockchains. We’ve seen governments, banks, and regulatory agencies peel away from trusting most cryptocurrencies because it all seems too loosely organized to fit in with a global economy. While this is a favorable opportunity for adopters of cryptocurrencies, ourselves included, to realize the potential gains that come with increasing values, we still have yet to break through some very real and present barriers to achieve widespread adoption. For an economy to successfully work around the world, we need a strong central figure. This is why Regius Mark will take additional measures to secure the blockchain and limit minting rights to only within the company. This way, we’ll never over commit tokens and exceed our asset reserves offering a token with intrinsic value on a 1-1 reserve brings us back to the oldest and stablest monetary system humans have ever invented.


In numerous use cases, we’ve seen where high trade volumes jammed up entire systems to the point where it took several hours for a transaction to process. In fact, some of the most prolific cryptocurrencies on the market have some of the lowest capacities in terms of transactions per second. Also, most of the asset-backed currencies on the market today are small because the number of tokens in circulation is low. They rely on models which often require users to infuse assets into the system, which is expensive and difficult to achieve on a larger scale. In order to create a global currency, the network has to be able to accommodate an entire world. With this in mind, Regius Mark is designed to handle hundreds of transactions per second without an increase in block production times. Our model allows us to achieve growth because we can acquire assets at a much lower relative cost than they’re valued at, and bring them onto the blockchain. The size and scope of this model, in theory, allows us to tokenize the entire world’s accumulated wealth.