Multi-Signature Wallets

In today’s demanding economy, additional emphasis has been placed on creating a positive user experience. Consumers are becoming more engaged with the goods they purchase, and desires for even closer interactions with technology are increasing. Our objective is to adapt to these demands and provide users with a feeling that allows them to find enjoyment when they trade with Regius Mark.
The problem with most blockchain wallets is they are either too complex for the average user or they’re too simple for the advanced trader. The solution we’ve come up with is an intuitive user interface designed to follow a consistent and commonly observed thought process found among crypto traders. Our clients, no matter their level of experience, will enjoy the seamless and convenient layout of our wallets.
You see, we’re not here to keep up with the status quo. We aim to set the bar to a higher standard. Regius Mark is intended to be traded as a worldwide utilitarian currency, fit for daily trade, therefore our systems need to not hinder our clients from using Regius Mark for ordinary transactions. The best way to accomplish this is to create an environment where merchants widely accept Regius Mark as an acceptable form of payment.
Imagine, as a Regius Mark client, you walk into your favorite local store and use your mobile wallet to make a purchase. With the click of a few easy buttons, the merchant accepts the payment and it is verified over a secure network. The multi-signature wallet function increases levels of security through multi-step payment verifications. By using this model, merchants can accept payments and track who owns the address that sent the funds, making record keeping streamlined and immutable. This creates a secure and verifiable platform for doing business. The implications are vast, and we become the even more favorable choice when we talk about trading a currency that’s backed by real gold.