Asset tokenization – It’s a concept that has recently gained traction. Several different efforts to back cryptocurrencies with some sort of element bearing intrinsic value have occurred, and for good reason. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have changed the world over and we believe that the world is moving in a direction of relying more on digital modes of payment. There are, however, some valid concerns on the potential lifespan of the pioneers of such technologies. Imagine one day you’re worth $5,000, the next day $12,000, the next day $9,000, the next day $3,000, then back up to $5,000, etc. In a crude manner of speaking, that’s essentially the reality we’re witnessing. Sure, the capital gains are wonderful, but if you’re doing regular spending with a monetary instrument, wouldn’t you expect more reliability?
This is where the concept of Stablecoin Technology stems from; the push to offer a token that remains pegged to another more stable element, generally one with its own value. Some use gold, silver, or other precious metals. Some use forms of fiat. Others use traditional securities such as bonds, CDs, or ETFs.
The problem is, most stablecoin tokens on the market currently are poor to scale, lack the ability to be used in widespread cases, or end up being altogether unsuccessful because the assumptions used to build the financial model fall short of reality, and very few have survived the demands of an open (and brutally honest) marketplace. This is where Regius Mark will set an entirely new standard.
Blockchain technology has granted us the ability to take assets, record them in supply chains, and mint tokens representative of the value of those assets. We have built a custom protocol to serve this very purpose, and here’s how we do it:

Asset storage

Regius Mark begins by tokenizing gold through a system of obtaining proof of assets and leveraging the value to mint tokens and offer 1-1 reserve backing. The assets are derived from claims that our team owns or manages in partnerships. We proceed by obtaining formal appraisals that have bankable feasibility (such as an N.I. 43-101 Technical Report or comparable geologist’s report) or any statement which shows proof of assets. We then log the size of the assets on the blockchain and mint tokens representative of the values. Each token is backed by a gram of gold asset.
RM Coin Back

Minting Tokens

Thanks to blockchain technology, done are the days of minting money on hard materials. Now we can seamlessly trade fungible units across a global exchange platform worth every bit of weight in gold. Regius Mark produces blocks on the blockchain through a process called minting. It takes only 3 seconds (or less) to produce one block, and the process occurs by use of a master node. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies with block rewards, Regius Mark does not partake in the creation of tokens unless explicitly created by the master node during minting a new block. The Regius Mark team will be the only master node on the network. This is a necessary step to ensure that we never overcommit circulating tokens, in this way we never exceed our physical asset reserves. Each token that we create will be called a MARK.

Ecosystem Support

Networks thrive on healthy distribution channels. In order to create an ecosystem where MARKs can be traded efficiently, our team is designing a model which will provide incentives for both traders and merchants to adopt Regius Mark on a worldwide scale. Our blockchain is designed to host 3-second transactions or less and boast fees much lower than what banks and other cryptocurrencies require of their users. To top it off, our clients will have access to a simple yet intuitive wallet which will serve professional traders with a platform rich in features but won’t be overwhelming to the novice user. Regius Mark wallets will also boast smart contracts and multi-signature support. This will enhance security, promote merchant adoption, and offer peace of mind when moving large sums of money from buyer to seller. Imagine using cryptocurrency at your favorite store or sending money without a third party involved. With Regius Mark, we’re serious about advancing these possibilities and turning them into realities.

1-1 Reserve

Your money is protected. We ensure that by having physical gold on standby in case you ever wanted to trade in your tokens. On top of having our own mines in production, Regius Mark will team up with gold brokers to offer our clients the option in case they ever needed it. We’re backing each token with a gram of gold, so if you owned 100 MARKs and wanted to trade them in for physical gold, you would be able to simply by working with our brokers. In this case, you would receive 100 grams of gold. Each token will have a redeemable value set at the gold spot price of a gram. This also helps to protect the value of the token from fluctuating too rapidly in the open markets and will help to ensure that the price of each token is normalized to the spot price of gold.
We’re bringing assets onto the blockchain and issuing a currency which represents the value of those assets, but we go the distance to optimize the speed and efficiency of trade while protecting the wealth our clients have within our network.